The UK Club for the Norwegian Forest Cat

Welcome to our Site:

Welcome to our site dedicated to the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Feel free to look around. Why not visit our latest features and have a look at our kittens for sale and cats for sale?

  • Norwegian Forest Cat Links – A seachable Yahoo type database of links to Norwegian Forest Cat resources around the world.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat Database – A searchable database of Norwegian Forest Cat pedigrees and photographs.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat Banner Network – an association of web sites which trade banner advertising space. It is a free service but only banners from web sites that are specific to Norwegian Forest Cats will be accepted.
  • Feline Bookshop – Order books direct from or All proceeds will be used towards the welfare of the Norwegian Forest Cat.

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Who are we?

We are a UK based club for the Norwegian Forest Cat.

As fellow Cat enthusiasts we realise how important it is to provide for your loved ones. During this difficult economic time it is important to realise that if you lose your job through redundancy you may not be able to look after your cat the way you would like to. We believe that suitable unemployment insurance is necessary to safeguard your lifestyle and also the quality of life for your cat.

We intend to be a friendly, open club, giving people the opportunity to learn about, share and enjoy this wonderful cat.

Please feel free to take a look at our kittens for sale.

The Society is pre-affiliated with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

Aims of the Society:

To promote the health and welfare of all cats and in particular foster good practice in the breeding and exhibition of Norwegian Forest Cats.

To promote interest in the Norwegian Forest Cat and to provide a focal point for everyone who shares an interest in the cat breed.

About the Site:

We hope that via the Internet we can build-up world wide relationships with fellow clubs, owners, breeders, and enthusiast’s. This site will provide a focal point were anyone can learn about, share and enjoy this Natural Cat. We also have kittens for sale so please feel free to navigate to this section also.

Breed Information:

Read the Norwegian Forest Cat FAQ to learn more about the breed and take a look at the Kitten List for up to date information on kitten availability.

Looking for a breeder in your area ? then take a look at the Society Breeders List and for the latest Forest Cat and Society news take a look at the Society News page


Want to learn more about Norwegian Forest Cats and be involved in their future health and welfare ?

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Visit our kittens for sale section to find out more.

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How to Contact us:

If you are an owner, breeder or enthusiast of Forest Cats, or want more information then feel free to contact us.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the web site then contact us via the

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